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Crystalign Energetics is a form of energy healing that was created by Dr. Harris to access universal information, clear stagnant energies, and give clarity to important life issues, revealing the gems toward one’s LIFE PATH.  Workshop participants learn to synergize the healing powers of crystals, sound healing, and holographic healing with universal intelligence to serve as a conduit for transformation, soul healing and energetic alignment. This form of energywork is great for bodyworkers,  chiropractors, or other healing arts enthusiasts.  Click on our Energywork page for more information, or for an individual Crystalign Energetics session with Dr. Harris.



Click this link for class calendarLightworkers Unite Asheville. 


Topics include: Crystal & sound healing, energetic protection, guided meditations, conscious living, nutrition, yoga, and intuitive energy work. (Fees change depending on workshop duration.)


Dr. Harris is a Guest Lecturer on Chiropractic, Holistic Healthcare, Subtle Energy Medicine, & Frequency Healing.  To schedule her for your next group meeting, call (828) 335-2208.



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