Stephanie Zetah

I have seen over a dozen chiropractors in my day. The reversal in my neck is a chronic problem and Anya has helped the most. Her combination of energywork with adjustments treats mind, body and soul. I literally leave her office buzzing and with a big smile on my face. 

Michelle Dionne

Dr. Molly is a truly gifted healer, both in her chiropractic and craniosacral work.  Her touch is gentle and subtle while reaching very deep levels of the physical and energetic bodies.  She helped me tremendously to keep moving through deep trauma and PTSD, helping me release stress in my physical body as well as transform my emotional state.  My children love and trust her, too ~  they plead for adjustments from Dr. Molly!  She is the genuine real deal with my highest recommendation.

Derek Kasten

From one chiropractor to another, Dr. Anya is a great teacher, listener and an amazing chiropractor. I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to see her on a weekly basis so that she can keep my nervous system functioning at the highest level. (and yes, chiropractors need to get adjusted too:) I can't thanks her enough for her wonderful care and support. ~Much Love

Caitlin Kelley

Dr. Molly is a gifted healer and a skilled clinician. She always makes me feel heard and at ease. She helped me with complex issues that had confounded all other practitioners I'd seen, including MD's and acupuncturists, and is my most trusted ally on my healthcare team. 

Deborah Hendrickson-Psychic Medium

Gentle touch and instant pain relief! So grateful! Thank you.

Tricia Baehr

Today, I received my third chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Molly Meinhardt. My body is finally starting to feel more normal and I’m in a lot less pain than I have been the past few months. I feel that Molly IS a healer, her chiropractic adjustments coupled with her intuitive skills are amazing. I’ve received a lot of chiropractic care over the last 30 years and I am beyond thrilled with Dr. Molly’s care. I feel confident that her practice will be a huge part of mine and my family’s wellness for many years to come.


If you’ve never had chiropractic care, Molly is gentle and extremely knowledgeable (I actually count her as one of the smartest folks I know!) If you have body pain (or other issues - chiropractic care can repair so many issues) I urge you to make an appointment with Dr. Molly, I think you will find her kindness, expertise and knowledge helpful to your own wellbeing. 


Lastly, Crystalign Chiropractic’s office are easy to find with convenient parking and the aesthetic and vibe is real welcoming, healing and really cool. 

James True

Sweet goodness what a healer! Thank you so much, Anya!

Victoria Creekside

A clear, intuitive heart seamlessly blended with the hands of a seasoned practitioner - I couldn't ask for more. Anya helps me walk my soul's path with a touch that KNOWS. My highest recommendation!

Alison Downey

BY FAR my favorite chiropractor! Anya is in a league of her own as she combines energy work and gemstone medicine with her expert manual adjustment skills. So grateful to have Anya's wonderful care, here in Asheville

Steven Marshall Childress

Anya is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Chiropractic work is only part of what she does. When she combines her chiropractic techniques with her highly intuitive energy work skills I feel brand new in 20 minutes. Excellent and affordable . Highly recommend!

Adi Westerman

Anya is so amazing! She always find "the spot" that needs adjusting perfectly! She has really saved me from prolonged pain! She is also so patient with my entourage of two kids and they love getting adjusted by her.

Kateri Madden

Anya is AMAZING! I've been going to chiropractors of all sorts since I was 15 and by far Anya is the best, most effective, I've had. I travel over an hour to have my adjustments done by her.

Christina Polutta

Love, love, love.....The adjustment was great......My left shoulder feels relief....and the energy work is amazing!

Molly Sullivan Reeves

My son Samuel was suffering (for 4+ years) with horrible ADD and it was really affecting his schoolwork. The meds the docs gave him had awful side effects. Anya came to the rescue with her skills in both nutrition and adjustments. Within only a week or so I was getting emails from Samuel's teachers that they were noticing a big difference in his behavior and ability to concentrate and complete tasks. WOW!!! He has been on the supplements Anya recommended ever since and it has completely changed his quality of life. THANK YOU ANYA!!!



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