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Health Knowledge Challenge ~ Blood Sugar Balance

I think most of us can intuit that feeling sluggish, foggy, and craving sweets after lunch might point to an imbalance. In this case, we are usually looking at insulin resistance, a response to prolonged periods of blood sugar elevation, starting you down the road to diabetes. However, if you feel re-energized with a clearer head and an elevated mood after eating, that ALSO points to blood sugar regulation dysfunction. In this case, we’re looking at hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Well, if high blood sugar is such a huge health crisis, then low blood sugar must be good, right? WRONG! All the organs in your body require adequate blood sugar as fuel for normal cellular metabolism, that is the function of the cell as well as its growth, repair, and replication. Without the fuel they need, the cells can’t do their jobs or grow, repair, and replicate properly, putting you at risk for dysfunction & degeneration. This is devastating when it happens to the master coordinator of ALL body functions, the brain. Despite being only 2-3% of the body’s mass, the brain uses 1/5 to ONE THIRD of the sugar in the bloodstream. Maintaining functional, adaptable blood sugar regulation mechanisms is KEY to maintaining health, especially in the nervous system. The correct answer is C - if you have health balanced blood sugar regulation, you should feel that your hunger is satisfied after eating but have no changes in energy or mood. So what if that’s not the case for you? Well, you’re not alone - most people these days have some sort of blood sugar dysregulation one way or the other - and we can help! Check out the website for more information on our nutritional consultations and functional medicine evaluations.


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