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Are You Borrowing Against Your Future?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

There is a time and place for medications, and we can all be deeply grateful for the life-saving power of modern medicine. However, when we use medications to relieve symptoms without addressing the imbalance in the body that is the root cause of that symptom, we are essentially taking out a relief loan with our future health as collateral. If you use that relief to invest in yourself and build up your health in a sustainable way, you will be able to pay back that loan with interest and enjoy well being into the future. However, if you continue to borrow against your future health without a plan for repaying that debt, it won't be pretty when the credit runs out and the bills come due. Need help transitioning from "living paycheck to paycheck" to "planning for retirement" in your health? Make an appointment for chiropractic or nutritional counseling today!


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