Functional Medicine with Dr. Molly Meinhardt, DC     Functional medicine brings together the best aspects of both conventional medicine and alternative healthcare. Using the precise and specific diagnostic and analytical tools from conventional medicine, functional medicine practitioners have a window into the root causes behind patients’ symptoms. Whereas in conventional medicine, a test is used to make a black-and-white disease/no disease determination and practitioners typically only offer drugs or surgery as treatments options, in functional medicine, we take a more nuanced approach. We look at the results in the context of your history and symptom picture to see patterns, to determine precise levels of function, and to develop a specific, individually-designed, multi-faceted protocol to support your deepest healing, including recommendations for:

  • Nutrition, including diet and supplementation

  • Movement, including exercises, stretches, yoga poses, and more

  • Lifestyle changes and self care

  • Any adjunctive therapies that may be supportive to healing, which may include chiropractic care, functional neurology, or other modalities

What to Expect

The Functional Medicine Consult includes several steps:

  • Paperwork ~ Prior to your initial consult appointment, we will have you fill out this thorough intake form and complete a seven-day diet diary. You can print off these forms at home (from the links) or you can come by the office for printed copies. Please complete the intake form and return it, either by email or by dropping it off at the office at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. (If you email a scanned copy, please also bring the paper copy to your appointment.) The more thoroughly you are able to complete the intake paperwork, the better we will be able to help you.

  • Initial Consult Appointment ~ At this 1-hour appointment, we will review your health history and perform any exam procedures that are indicated.

  • Labs ~ The types and extent of the lab work that we recommend will be determined on an individual basis based on your findings from your intake, health history, and exam. Lab orders, lab kits (if applicable), and instructions will be provided at the initial consult appointment.

  • Review of Findings Appointment ~ Once we receive the lab results in the office, we will contact you to schedule your 45-minute Review of Findings appointment. During this appointment, we will sit down to thoroughly review the findings from the intake, exam, and lab work and to go over your Functional Medicine Protocol. Your protocol is a detailed list of dietary, nutritional, exercise, and other health recommendations given for a specified period of time (typically 6 weeks, but could be 4-12 depending on your unique needs). During the review of findings visit, there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions about the findings and the protocol and to address any concerns you may have. However, should any additional questions or concerns come up, you do receive complimentary text and email support for the duration of the protocol.



The cost for the Functional Medicine Consult is $575, and it includes:

  • The 1-hour Initial Consult and the 45-minute Review of Findings visit

  • Comprehensive lab panel (blood test and urinalysis)

  • Functional Medicine Protocol

  • Email and text support for the duration of the protocol


There may be additional (optional) lab tests that would be recommended on a case-by-case basis, which would be an additional fee (billed at-cost).



Often in addition to diet, movement, and lifestyle recommendations, we find that supplementation would be supportive to your health goals. At Crystalign, we only carry high-quality supplements from reputable companies to help you get the best results. The supplements and dosages that we recommend will be based on your individual needs, so the cost for supplements will vary. If you choose to buy your supplements through our office, we will ensure that you get the proper dosage and amount to last you through your entire protocol, and the total cost will be provided to you along with your protocol. However, we respect your healthcare choices, so you may choose to purchase supplements elsewhere or not to take supplements at all. In this case, we cannot guarantee the quality of those supplements or verify the dosage is correct, and you may not make the kind of progress that we might otherwise expect.

Adjunctive Therapies


Depending on the health challenges that you are facing, we may recommend a variety of adjunctive therapies to support your deepest healing. In some cases, we refer out to trusted specialists, but we also offer a lot of services in-house. Because chiropractic care allows the nervous system to function optimally and the body to heal most efficiently, we recommend chiropractic to all of our patients. We also offer craniosacral therapy and energywork, which can be very supportive. Since we appreciate that you’ve chosen to trust us with your healthcare, we offer an additional 10% discount on all of our services (on top of other package discounts!) to any active Functional Medicine patient.

Email/Text Support


Included in your Functional Medicine Consult is email or text support for the duration of the protocol. The email and text support will cover any questions or concerns that may come up as you complete your protocol. You can reach out any time, and we will get back to you within two business days.



Follow Up Visits


At the conclusion of your protocol, we will reach out to check in on your progress. 


If you've resolved your health concerns to your satisfaction, we will release you from care with some  recommendations on how to maintain your progress.


If you haven't accomplished all of your health goals and still need support, we can schedule you for a follow up visit. At this 45-minute appointment, we will check in about any and all changes in your health concerns. We may recommended retesting certain labs to see how your biomarkers are coming along. After receiving your lab results, we will email you updates to your findings as well as an updated protocol. The cost for a follow up visit is $185. If labs are needed, the applicable lab fees will be charged to you at-cost. You will also receive complimentary email/text support for the duration of the follow up protocol.

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