Dr. Molly Meinhardt, DC  

Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

and the North Carolina Chiropractic Board of Examiners


Doctor of Chiropractic degree

from Life University, 2018


Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology

from UNC Asheville, 2015


Dr. Molly first began her journey toward becoming a healer and holistic practitioner when her own health challenges perplexed her conventional physicians, forcing her to look beyond what mainstream medicine had to offer in order to heal herself. After years of seeking, studying, and experimenting, she finally stumbled across chiropractic. Within two months of getting under care, she started experiencing relief that years of strict diets, various herbal remedies, and sundry other healing modalities had been unable to achieve. She knew then that she was meant to share this gift that she’d received with others.


Dr. Molly uses a broad range of tools and techniques in her practice, tailored to individual patient’s needs and preferences. Her overall approach to chiropractic is guided by the principles of Biogeometric Integration (BGI). BGI applies to the human body the concept of tensegrity, the mechanism by which a balance of tension and compression throughout a system of struts and cables allows that system to function against gravity with minimal energetic output. By understanding how the entire body is interconnected, Dr. Molly can get right to the root of the issue to achieve the best results. Within that framework she integrates tools from a variety of chiropractic techniques including Full Spine Diversified, Activator Methods, Thompson, Craniosacral Therapy, and Sacro-occipital Technique.


Dr. Molly also recognizes that just as the body is a unified whole, the mind and spirit are also full integrated with the physical form. To heal in a truly holistic manner, all parts of our humanity need to be recognized and welcome in the healing container. In order to include the entire person in each adjustment, Dr. Molly blends in wisdom from the various subtle and energetic healing traditions that she has studied.


In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Molly will also be offering services in functional neurology, functional medicine, and energywork.

Dr. Molly completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of North Carolina right here in Asheville. She graduated with the highest honors from the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life University. She has also studied energy healing, stone medicine, and healing movement locally. 


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