Tricia Baehr, Chiropractic Assistant
Tricia grew up in East Tennessee and has lived in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina since 2012. She is the mom of adult twin sons and a teen daughter whom she helped to home school. She lives with her family and three adorable cats on their small homestead next door to Earthaven Ecovillage where she met and became acquainted with Dr. Molly before she attended chiropractic school.


Tricia first received chiropractic care in the mid-1990's after being in several automobile accidents. The care and treatment she received then made a huge difference in her life and since that time she has been an advocate for chiropractic care on all levels. 


Hearth tending and nourishing her family and others via local organic food is a great passion for her. Tricia believes that having a functioning body to accomplish these tasks is paramount.  She has a multi-faceted background, from professional chef to business owner to corporate executive. She supports the work of local farms and farmers first and foremost and believes in a mind, body, spirit approach to living a life of wellness and thriving.


Tricia will be tending the Hearth here at Crystalign Chiropractic, she looks forward to serving our patients and staff in nourishing and supportive ways. 

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